Cathy Fett, genealogist sits in her wing-backed chair with a an open window, and large plant with tiny lights behind her.


Cathy Fett is a genealogist that uses a detailed and dedicated approach to her research, piecing together the narratives gathered  from fragments of information, to uncover the histories of individuals and their family stories.

Cathy’s interest in genealogy began when she started unraveling her own family’s history. This inspired her to help others find a sense of belonging through their ancestral roots.

In her work, Cathy thoroughly examines documents such as birth records, censuses, and obituaries in order to trace lineages and reconstruct family trees. She carefully cross-references multiple sources to ensure the reliability and comprehensiveness of her findings.

What distinguishes Cathy most, from other genealogy services, is her ability to perceive connections past the obvious. Her work goes beyond presenting facts and figures; she delves into the lives of individuals, often revealing the stories behind names and dates. 

Through these efforts, she helps people understand their heritage on a more meaningful level, shedding light on the triumphs, struggles, and legacies that have shaped their families and ultimately themselves.

Cathy Fett continues to be a trusted guide for those seeking to uncover their family histories. Her meticulousness, passion, intuition, and insightful nature make her an invaluable resource in the field of genealogy research and family story hunting.